Natural Weight Loss Diet

An article titled, “Weight Loss Tips: Low Carb Diets & Mood Disorder,” by Bernard P. Nelson, shows results of a scientific medical study of two diets- low carbohydrate and low fat. The best commercial weight loss program is named by a consumer group. The subtitle of the article is “Best Diet Plans to Fight Causes of Obesity & Best Vegetarian Diet.” The article was recently published by Suite 101 Magazine.

Natural Weight Loss Diet

Low Carb Diets vs Low Fat Diets

106 obese people participated in a medical study by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization- Food and Nutritional Sciences, Adelide, BC South Australia. The results of the study was published on November 09, 2009, in The Archives of Internal Medicine.

Half of the study participants were given a low carb diet for one year, and the other half were given a low fat diet. After one year the study published the findings. The Suite 101 article provides an outline of the study results and provides a link to the study.

Best Weight Loss Programs & Best Raw Food Vegetarian Diet

The Consumer Search group has published what they believe to be the best commercial weight loss program, and best vegetarian diet. Their findings were based on published diet research, consumer reviews, and popularity. The Suite 101 article provides more information about the Consumer Search recommendations and provides a link to their weight loss web page.

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