Diet soda.. hmmmm.. good or bad?

I have to admit, there was a time in my life when I would drink way too much diet coke. I probably had at least 6 a day back then. I finally decided to cut back when I was pregnant with my first son and spoke with my doctor about it. What came during that first week was enough to make me stay away from it (for the most part) since then. I decided to cut back rather than go cold turkey. Even with the cutting back, I had MAJOR withdrawal symptoms. I had severe headaches for over a week, I was very irritable and generally didn’t feel well. I stood my ground however and kicked the habit.

diet soda

Now.. what does this mean in the weight loss realm?

Preliminary studies show a correlation between weight GAIN and diet soft drinks in some people. It’s odd, you’d think the opposite would be true but that’s not what is being shown by these studies. Now why is this happening is not quite clear yet. More studies need to be done. I’d be very interested in what the outcome would show.

This other link is a study posted at and actually says pretty much the same thing that my own doctor told me 13+ years ago. In layman’s terms, what my doctor told me (paraphrasing of course) was that when you drink a diet soft drink, your body expects to get some sugar out of the deal. When none comes from the drink, then your body responds by making you crave something that will give it the sugar it’s looking for. On top of all that, the sweetener in the soft drink is a chemical which your body doesn’t really know how to process. So you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot by drinking the soft drink without sugar. One you’ll most likely get the sugar elsewhere and possibly get more sugar and more fat in the process and two you’re introducing a chemical that your body doesn’t need or want.

So.. of course the choice is always yours. Some people love diet soda and could care less about the effects. Others never gain an ounce regardless, but for me, I think moderation of regular soda (I may have one a week, if that) is the key.

Have you ever had any withdrawals from drinking diet soda? Tell me about it, I’d love to hear your stories!

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